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When you think about Basement remodeling contractor you must follow these

First, dry it

If you have a moist or damp cellar, you must repair it before starting any finishing work. The good news is that most of the water problems can be solved in two ways: to level the ground from foundations, add or restore the gutters and pluvial.

If these steps do not work, it is necessary to adopt more extreme measures, such as adding external tiles and waterproofing the walls or adding internal drainage cards that merge into a pallet truck with the pump. Removing water problems takes a long time and is expensive, but it is important to avoid a mixed and ready-made winery.

Seal the rim bundles

Unshielded coastal beams represent huge energy losers. It is time to isolate and protect your beams. An option is to fix the front beams with a rigid insulation to fit. We recommend extruding polystyrene thickness not less than 2 “, but check the local codes to see what is needed. If you have a circular saw, use it to cut the strips to the depth of your beams, so use a small tooth hand saw, service knife or saw. For cutting to cut length strips Fill small holes with a seal, and large – with the expansion of foam boxes.

Install drainage mats for the hottest and dry soil

Plastic drainage rugs or blunt carpets allow the air to circulate under the floor and provide a barrier against moisture. They also provide an insulating layer of air separating from the cold cement floor, reducing the risk of damage caused by vapor condensation or migrating through the concrete.

Change the lighting selection

For the most interesting space, include different types of illumination in your plan. Start with good general lighting when you want a bright room. Planning to add a dimmer to control the amount of light. Recessed luminaires, ceiling luminaires and “cushion” fluorescent lamps are some common types of lighting. If you are concerned about the noise up, do not use recessed lights.

Thermal cold floors with heating cables

You can heat your Basement remodeling contractor with electric heating cables or carpets. This kind of heat does not heat up the room much, but it makes it much more comfortable. The drawback is that heating cables are expensive to install and expensive to use. You can buy a cable or a free mat with a connected cable. Free cables work harder for installation, but less than carpets. More covers the cables or carpets, the lower the cost per square foot.

Hire a professional to design the HVAC system

Do not make the DIY rookie, trying to heat your cellar, cutting a hole in the main line, and tightening the heat register. This will only create an imbalance in the entire heating system and will not give you heat where you need it. The money spent on the right design is a good investment. Get a professional heating contractor to design your channels. If you want to do it yourself, find a heating contractor who will provide the floor and possibly even the materials.

Soft texture with OSB

In most wineries there are ducts or hydraulic pipes installed under the beams that have to be built. The most common method is to build a wooden frame that can be covered with plasterboard. Here’s a suggestion to build these reflectors. Instead of framing sides of 2×2 or other wood, just cut plywood or OSB (board-oriented) strips on the sides.

Sealing around tubes and wires

Basement remodeling contractor must follow Small slits around tubes and threads with a special “high” red silicone sealant. Fill the large holes with flame retardant foam. Close the holes around the chimneys or other large holes by gluing the sheet to them and sealing the edges with the mastic. Waterproofing between the base and the floor will help prevent the diffusion of fire from the base to the floor. It also saves energy and prevents sound transmission from the base to the floor.

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